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ANN: FireDataGrid 1.7 for RAD 10.3.2 Rio has been released!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:12 am
by DeveloperMachines
We are pleased to present an updated version of the grid component for Delphi FireMonkey - FireDataGrid 1.7. The current version contains many pieces of code that have been completely rewritten to support the current version of FireMonkey RAD Rio 10.3.2.
The current version of the component is fully adapted to work on High DPI monitors. The component scaling is processed very carefully (by the pixels) and does not contain artifacts at different screen resolutions. The rendering speed has been increased, and other grid operation bugs in different modes have also been fixed. Redesigned support for FMX themes and styles, absolutely any FireMonkey themes are now supported.
Improved the grid zooming feature (activated by the Cntrol +"+", Control+"-" or Control + mouse scroll wheel). Zooming now works much faster. Reworked Filter panel and Field Chooser panel. Added visual effect to them.
In addition, bugs have been fixed in the implementation of the TDataSet and the Grid pairing mechanism for read-only, edit modes and in adding new entries mode.
You can download the evaluation version at this link. Please send us your feedback and suggestions. All your wishes will be taken into account in further development!
Below some screenshots are available:
FireDataGrid 1.7 uses Transparent FireMonkey Style


FireDataGrid 1.7 uses Windows 10 Modern Blue Style


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